Moving Health & Safety

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Please read our health tips to keep you and your crew safe. 

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  • Disinfect all metal, plastic, or wood surfaces. Vacuum couches, fabric, and carpets. 

  • Once the crew arrives, please stay clear of the move site. 

  • After drop-off, we recommend disinfecting everything prior to fully unpacking.


  • Pack as much as you can into medium sized boxes (do not overpack).

  • Put clothing into plastic trash bags NOT wardrobe boxes.

  • Put mattresses into mattresses bags (we recommend the U-Haul bags with handles).



  • In order to limit time on-site, please allow us to prioritize the large items, and take small items on your own. 

  • Pack your essentials and bring them with you. 

  • Please inform any elderly/immunocompromised neighbors of the move date/time so that they may be prepared. 


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