Small Haul

Summer Shuffle

Pick Ups
Before or On Aug 31
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Pickup, Storage, and Redelivery
Up to 1 Bedroom Moves -


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Do you need to move out by August 31st? 

Can't move in until September 1st?

Do you have...

  • Less than a studio?

  • A Studio?

  • A 1-Bedroom?

  • Roommates?


  1. We bring the trucks and muscle on your chosen date

  2. You report, pack, label and organize ALL inventory 

  3. Together we help move Boston


  1. Avoid the busiest moving day of the year

  2. Lock in a flat rate price for pickup, storage, and redelivery

  3. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend with some additional savings!

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Pick Ups: August 23rd to August 31st

Drop Offs: September 1st to September 9th

The further away from Aug 31 and Sep 1 you move, the more you can save

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On or After Sep 1

how to save: 

  • Bring small items to the curb

  • Box small items and bag clothing

  • Sell, junk or leave bulky items behind

  • Move with your friends or refer them to the program!

optional add-ons

Packing Supplies Kit

5 Small boxes

5 Medium boxes

2 Large boxes

Survival kit

1 air mattress

1 blow-up couch

1 travel toiletries kit

spread the word


$25 off your move for each person referred


OR enter to win


raffle prize

2 entries

  • For every Hauler hired

  • For every customer referral

1 entry